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I want to discover all the Pokemon in the unova reigon on my white 2 but I haven't discovered the following Pokemon:

Buneary,Vulaby,Vespiquen,Buizel,Sawsbuck, Spoink,drifloon,Gliscor,Shuckle,Corsola,Sealo,Wailren,Vulpix, Ninetales,Bronzor,Bronzong,Dewgong, Corpish, and Yanmega.

So, if you know where I can discover or catch these Pokemon please tell me. Thanks.

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Thank you so much!

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  • Buneary: Trade / PokeTransfer
  • Vullaby: Trade
  • Vespiquen: Route 12, Lostlorn Forest
  • Buizel: Routes 11, 14 and 23, Victory Road, Nature Preserve and Lostlorn Forest (Surfing)
  • Sawsbuck: Outside Dragonspiral Tower
  • Spoink: Trade
  • Drifloon: Route 13's Hidden Grotto, Breed Drifblim
  • Gliscor: Routes 11, 15 and 23
  • Shuckle: Seaside Cave
  • Corsola: Humilau City (Surfing), Route 18 (Fishing), Route 18 (Hidden Grotto)
  • Sealeo: Undella Bay (Winter only)
  • Walrein: Undella Bay (Surfing in rippling water, Winter only)
  • Vulpix: Abundant Shrine, Abundant Shrine (Hidden Grotto)
  • Ninetales: Abundant Shrine
  • Bronzor: Abundant Shrine
  • Bronzong: Evolve Bronzor
  • Dewgong: Seaside Cave (Rippling Water)
  • Corphish: Route 3 and Striaton City (Surf)
  • Yanmega: Route 3,Pinwheel Forest

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page

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Bunneary can be found if you find an exit that is opposite way of the enterence. Vespiqueen you can evolve a Combee from route 12. Buizel surf on route 11. Sawsbuck dragon spiral grass area. Driftloon breed a Drifblim. Vullaby trade from black 2 (route 23). Spoink Reversal mountain. Gliscor evolve Gligar (Route 15/Route 11/Route23). Shuckle seaside cave. Corsola Hamilu City (Surf)/Route 18 (Fish). Sealeo Undella Bay (Winter). Walrein Evolve Sealeo. Vulpix/Bronzor Abundant Shrine. Ninetailes/Bronzong evolve Vulpix/Bronzor. Dewgong Evolve Seel (Giant Chasm/ Seaside Cave). Corphish Straiton City (Surf). Yanmega Evolve Yanma (Route 3/Pinwheel Forest). That's It right?

Spoink is Black 2 only.
buneary is only in black 2 also!