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Hello, I've been trying to breed a scraggy with both Dragon Dance, and Drain Punch. I have a DW Scraggy (f) with drain punch and Haxorus (m) with dragon dance, after breeding the two, I got a scraggy with only dragon dance. What do I do next? How do I get both? Thanks.


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The male needs to know the moves that need to be inherited.

So, teach your Haxorus both Drain Punch and Dragon Dance.
Hope I helped. :)

Dont think he can learn both...
Actually it turns out I need to breed it with smeargle
Yeah, Smeargle is your best bet. I'll tell you that as you probably know Iris's Haxorus has Dragon Dance, so hope she uses that when your Smeargle is in battle.
Actually, you can just breed Dragon Dance onto a Scrafty, and then teach it Drain Punch via move tutor (in B2W2).