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Okay, so I'm having major troubles on how to breed a Bold Chansey. I hatched my Happiny and have evolved it, but her nature is not bold, and I need a bold one for the wall I'm going to build. Because she is a female only and as far as I'm concerned the nature is passed down from the female, how would I go about breeding a bold one step by step?

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Ok, it was only in the older games that the Nature was inherited by the mother only, so this is how you do it nowadays:
1. Find a Ditto or a male Pokemon from the same Egg Group as Chansey with a Bold Nature.
2. Equip the Bold Natured father with a Everstone (this will give it a 100% chance to pass the nature on)
2.5. (Optional, equip Chansey/Blissey with a Luck Incase if you want a Happiny).
3. Breed any Chansey/Blissey with the Bold Natured one.
4. Pick up your Bold Chansey/Happiny.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Breeding#Inheriting_Natures

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Alright awesome! Thank you