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So I just got a Chansey In Pokmeon Yellow, and I realized in RBY Chansey had 105 for its special, and I was pretty shocked. I decided to use this chansey just because of its Hp and massive Spc. I decided to give it toxic, soft boiled, and Thunderbolt, but I am stuck choosin a last move. Can someone help me out?
None if the movesets in the chansey moveset question are for a gen 1 chansey.

What do you want to do with this Chansey?
replace thunderbolt with ice beam
@carnapper i used ice beam on my mew

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If I were you I would choose Minimize to be Chansey's last move since it could take a while to KO Pokemon with Thunderbolt because of her low Sp. Atk. Because it could take so long, it would be best to raise your evasion with Minimize to avoid moves and survive longer. Also, the other moves you choose for Chansey are pretty useful (not so much for Thunderbolt). You might want to teach Chansey Thunder Wave or Reflect instead of Thunderbolt, but then Minimize would have to be used for stalling with the NPCs.
I hope I helped!

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