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Now, almost EVERYBODY gives their chansey seismic toss because of there low attack. But I saw a chansey sweep on youtube when the person used echoed voice and literally KO'D the opponents whole team. Which one would you recommend?

Link to the echoed voice sweep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHbbReaePHM&feature=related


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Sorry, but the chances of that actually working are pretty minimal. Gimmick moves like that shouldn't be used in regular competitive plays, Although stuff like FEAR Aron could actually work, most likely, people you face have either a ghost, ground, rock, or anything that could counter it. Close Combat Infernape completely destroys it. Practically, any strong STAB fighting move can OHKO Chansey. And a ghost type pokemon could wreck it's chain too.

You should just stick with Seismic Toss for reliable damage.

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