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Well I was on rated Random Match-up and someone used the Round technique where everyone of there Pokemon has round and uses it. This got me thinking so I tried to replicate it but I don't have Round on any Pokemon (is it a TM if not how can a Pokemon get it?) so I thought about Echoed Voice.

The user attacks the target with an echoing voice. If this move is used every turn, it does greater damage

So I was wondering if two Pokemon on the same team used it would Echoed Voice be powered up?


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Echoed Voice deals damage. Its base power increases by 40 each
consecutive turn it is used but reaches a maximum power at 200.
However, the power will not increase during a round and will only
increase once per round (regardless of how many Pokémon used it). The
base power of Echoed Voice does not reset upon reaching its maximum.
When failing, the base power will still increase as long as the move
is executed, such as when it misses or is prevented by Protect.

BW-Battle Subway-36 BP
B2W2-Battle Subway, Pokémon World Tournament-18 BP
For other games:

And for the main question:
No, Round is when all the Pokemon in play use it...and Echoed Voice is when only the Pokemon using it will get the boost every turn. The 1st is 40 BP, and the top is 200 BP.

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u mean power not bp
BP means Base Power =='