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Because according to mythology demigods would battle gods. Sometimes they would win and sometimes they would lose.

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I disagree because Arceus' stats are 120 for every stat whereas Silvally's stats are only 95 for every stat. But, I do see your point, since they both can change type by their respective held-items and they are both originally Normal-types.
Technically speaking, yes, a situation does exist in which Silvally beats Arceus, but Arcues' stats, movepool, and even ability (Multitype will also change to match a Z-Crystal; RKS System won't) is better than Silvally that there is no point to use Silvally if Arceus is available.
This is in regard to competitive.
Even though Arceus is superior, yes, Silvally can defeat it. Here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7zs2B1D1Gk
Yes, even a magikarp can kill a arceus if set up correctly.

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