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i deposited a lv.100 shiny deoxys on the GTS and asked for a arceus but am I able to receive one thats not hacked?

So you deposited a level 100 Shiny Deoxys? That itself is probably hacked, so why are you worried about getting something else hacked in return.

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You are not allowed to trade mythical through the GTS due to them having a special ribbon, but you can trade mythicals through link trade. So what that means, if someone tried to search up your Deoxys on the GTS they would find no results, and if they did find your Deoxys, they would not be able to trade their Arceus because their has that special event ribbon.

I hope my wording was not confusing.

Source? Personal Experience + some other question on this site, which I can't find currently...

Actually I hack Pokémon into games and I know that not all mythical Pokémon have ribbons. Go look at the Pokémon platinum Member card event Darkrai, or the BW Entree Forest Arceus.
Hacked ones don't have ribbons. You have to add them in.
So, how can I get a arceus? I'm pretty sure nobody will want to link trade with me. So how can I get one without hacking or transferring (I cant transfer because I don't have any money for pokebank)?
What I meant was, some hacked ones aren’t meant to have ribbons. Like Darkrai and Arceus and Manaphy In some cases.
I dont understand what you are saying, but they said they want a legit one
I’m saying some event Pokémon that are caught in the wild(Darkrai, Arceus), or hatched from eggs (Manaphy) don’t have ribbons.
https://www.serebii.net/events/dex/490.shtml Scroll down to 2010 Manaphy event America you will see the one that hatches from the egg doesn’t have a Ribbion.