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I just want to know how to beat him in case I fight one online/with friends?

Are you playing competitively or just casually? The answer will really depend on that.

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It really depends on what type he is. Just try to use type advantages as much as possible. He is only in the Uber tier (obviously) so you will only face him when you have some pretty powerful Pokemon of your own. There is no solid counter to him, as he can be any type at all, so something that will resist whatever type of Judgement he will use, and can do super-effective damage to him is preferable. He will often use Thunderbolt and Ice Beam as well, so something not weak to that is also a bonus. If you can, scout out what moves he has in particular, as he does have a very diverse move set, but I think Ice Beam + Thunderbolt + Judgement is pretty standard on a Special Attacker set. Occasionally you may find a physical attacker, but I don't think they are as common.

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ResTalk  Giratina-A is pretty much one of the most solid checks to Arceus including Extreme Killer Arceus mainly because it has access to Will-O-Wisp and Roar/Dragon Tail. It can really just cripple and physical variant and phaze it out seeing that a boosted Shadow Claw can't KO a defensive Giratina.
I would have to disagree with that last sentence. Physical ExtremeKiller Arceus is probably the most used Pokemon in the tier, and definitely the most used Arceus.
I am just saying that Extreme Killer Arceus can't set-up on a Giratina because an unboosted Shadow Claw won't be doing anything to physically defensive variants
Maybe it is. I wouldn't actually know because I barely ever play in Ubers, preferring UU and below. I just assumed most were Special so they could make good use of Judgement.
Screw you KoD, I'm right. ;~;