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I have a copy of Pokémon Pearl and I want answers to the following.

Is it possible to use Glitches to get Arceus(without hacks or harming my game)?

If yes then: Will the Arceus be consider Legal or hacked.

If legal then: Will I be able to transfer it to Pokémon White with 2 different 3DS Systems.

Extra: Are any other legends available and transferable using Glitches from Pearl?

Edit: Without void glitch.

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Once getting Darkrai I went wayyyy to far left and ended up getting lost.
Is there a guide on how to do Tweaking and Glitches properly?
The main thing is to avoid free-roaming in the void, and to not open menus or save your game unless directed to do so by a proven guide. Otherwise, just search online for step sequences that allow you to reach the Pokémon in question. YouTube makes this easy enough.
The Azure flute one is always 100% legal. Can I still transfer the one if I get it from void glitch? Also how to start the glitch( with tweaking). I’m noob at glitch.
The void glitch effectively triggers the same encounter the Azure Flute does, so if you regard that as legal, then you should consider the void glitch legal as well. serif below is confident you can transfer the Arceus, but as he also implies, it's illegal from a tournament perspective. This Arceus was never 'released' per se.
To get a successful tweak, you need to reach a 'pressure point' in the game's overworld, where different map chunks cross over to each other. You then need to set your Bicycle to a high gear, and ride in a specific pattern over the map intersections, which will cause the game to load nearby map data incorrectly. The most famous location for this is in the middle of Jubilife City, which allows you to tweak into the Poketch Company building and then the void.
This Bulbapedia article explains the patterns that trigger tweaking. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Tweaking#Patterns
The video showing the Arceus void rollout makes a successful tweak in its opening seconds, which for simplicity's sake, you should aim to replicate exactly -- right down to the precise tile where it opens and closes the Pokedex. The video follows the 12421 pattern on the third bike gear, and later utilises a separate glitch called the Retire glitch which allows you to load the (glitched) Hall of Origin through the void. In short, do exactly what this video does and you will encounter Arceus (see the timestamp 5:05), and safely reach the overworld again.  
As an aside, I assume you've used a walk-through-walls hack in the past? Don't use those to enter the void. It does not exploit map data in quite the same way, and is essentially free-roaming which is very risky.

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-Glitches: Yes, you can use the Void Glitch in order to get Arceus.
-Legality: No. The Azure Flute and the Hall of Origin were never released, and thus this Arceus is considered illegitimate since it was caught with the use of glitches.
-Transfer: It can be transferred over and I actually have a HoO Arceus in White 2. I don't think I've seen any example of a Pokemon not being able to be transferred over, unless it knows an HM move or it's an invalid Pokemon.
-Extra: You can also get Darkrai and Shaymin through void.

How do you get it in HGSS?
Not in HGSS, sadly. You can't use the Void glitch or Tweaking to encounter an unobtainable legendary, and there's no possible way to encounter Arceus in those games, and the Azure Flute does not exist.

However, if you used glitches to catch a Hall of Origin Arceus in DP and traded it over to HGSS, you can still trigger the Sinjoh Ruins event with that Arceus to get your choice of Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina. It's neat because the only other way to trigger the event was to obtain a certain event Arceus.
ok thanks
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Actually I ended up just doing an action replay glitch to catch one. I transfered it and after it was transfered to Pokémon White, I ended up using action replay to corrupt my save data, and putting myself to the part just before catching Arceus. I got 3 Arceus.

Don’t use glitches kids.