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To get Arceus I realize it means that you mean to have either a glitch or hack.
I am a bit worried about hacks, and am planning on not using them.

But for glitches, what game do you need, and what steps do you need to use to get Arceus? A soft resting encounter for shiny is one I am hoping is possible.

Thanks. MadPaPa123

Should be possible in D/P using the void glitch, though I imagine it would take a while to do properly.

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It is possible using hacks to obtain a Legal Arceus. Legal means that it will be 100% not hacked and accepted in new games. In Pokémon Diamond, platinum and pearl, you need to use an inventory editor (type of hack) to give yourself an item called the Azure flute. This allows you acess to the hall of origins to catch Arceus. I myself have done that to get a legal Arceus. Also I think it’s shiny locked.

You can check YouTube for more precise instructions, or look it up.

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Yeah I got shiny Azelf in Pearl. Otherwise the video that guy looked legit but it’s easier to use an inventory editor.
How is it legal if it was obtained using hacks?
How do I get this hack?
You can go online to buy an action replay on websites such as amazon. They can cost little or a lot but will be overall worth it because it should make you able to get all Event items, infinite Masterballs and like gold bottle caps in USUM/SM. 100% worth it. Btw you can also hack in Pokémon, but hacked Arceus won’t be legal. You need to use the hack to give yourself the item. Then the Arceus will be legal, even if the item is not.
Its not shiny locked