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I once rented a Pokemon Black game.
I had a Level 37-45 Emboar, and a few other Pokemon. I was stuck at the Mistralton Gym, and Emboar was my only reliable Pokemon so I started to train him. Later, I turned in the game and someone else rented it. I got the game back, and a few things were off. I battled Pokemon on Route 7 and I Only gained 6 Exp Points. My Zebstrika had an Exp Share, but still...

I also flew Back to Accumula Town and Walked to Route 2, but the trainers that supposedly cannot be skipped battled me.

How did this happen?

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I think your wording is wrong; you said 'the trainers that supposedly cannot be skipped battled me.' Isn't that supposed to happen? Trainers that can't be skipped will battle you (I assume you mean Pokemon Breeders).
I Did Not do that

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These are obviously glitches.

There's really no way to determine how these glitches were activated, but obviously the person who rented your game was hacking it. To get rid of these glitches my best guess would be to restart the game. If that does not fix the glitches, the only way is to get a new Pokemon Black game. Your game retailer will not refund for any glitches caused by other people, neither will Nintendo. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)

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Meh,I Rented it to see how good it was,then I bought it