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While I was searching for a glitch for HGSS, I found some glitches and those 2 were in bold and they are really scary glitches..

If you close your DS after exiting the battle recorder screen menu without finishing watching the battle until the end and not waiting for the next screen to be appeared,your save file will be crashed and you will not be able to recover again.

In a battle with Suicune,If you close your DS and leave for a few seconds and reset your game,you might not be able to reload the save file again. You have to restart your journey all over again.

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I know ROMs are ilegal here, but he talks about ''Game Freak should fix this and that etc'' and I think it's not ROM.
There are some glitches that can happen in real Game Freak games so I think it's not ROM, but who knows.
I ask this because I'm going to SR for a shiny Suicune and sometimes I close my DS.

Are they real and do they delete all save files?

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What is the source on that :l?
Well it's written right there that most of them are ROM glitches :/
If they're ROM glitches we can't tell, but if they're actual game glitch they'll be some record of them on other source sites. It's unlikely that the word of a glitch like that got out and only one lace has it.
If it is a ROM, can't help you.

If it is legit, it can happen.
Too bad that no one can test this unless they want to restart their game anyway.
This is probably gonna sound stupid, but I think I have a memory of closing the screen while battling Suicune. Nothing happened, but I ain't answering since my memories are no source.

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If you read the discussion, you'll notice that they mention that it's in the Japanese version. This is confirmed by the date of the discussion, which was 2009, before the release of the English versions of the game in 2010. These glitches should not exist in the localised versions of the games, as they patch glitches found in the Japanese games before they release the games in other areas. So you have nothing to worry about, assuming that the bugs were patched during the localisation.

I'm still not convinced that they did exist though; remember, you found them on a gaming forum. They can post anything there and make people believe it. I know some of the other glitches they mentioned are real, like the Slowpoke Well boulder glitch, but Bulbapedia says nothing about most of them, including the two you're wondering about.

Some of these may be bugs exclusive to particular emulator/ ROM hack versions of the game, they may not exist in the actual games.

tl;dr: we don't know for sure, sorry.

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