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My FireRed is extremely messed up, I never used cheating devices and it worked fine before, but now it's extremely hard to work because usually when I boot it up the Nintendo sign is glitched then the game freezes, and once it made crazy buzzing noises. My Emerald did that once when I dropped my GBA, but I didn't drop it this time. Another time I talked to a sailor and the game made buzzing noises and it froze. I booted it up again and it said that the save file is corrupt and the previous save file will be loaded. Any ideas on what happened to my game and how to fix it?

That happens to me sometimes. Blow the cartridge and the place where the cartridge goes in and try again.
Really? That's how you look at it? xD
lol thnx indigo

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This is just a glitch, nothing to be frightened of. Almost the same thing happened on my emerald. But I did what le scraf said and it worked. But if the blowing thing does not work, then your out of luck. Try going to eBay for a new one if the blowing thing doesn't work. Hope I helped!!

Source: experience(ish)