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I was trying to save my Fire Red game, but since I was in a hurry, I turned the power button off right before the saving ended. I thought “what’s the worst that can happen? I lose a few minutes or so of progress.” I turned the game back on just to check, and got the message “The save file has been deleted…”, I saw the messages telling me about the cool journey i’m about to adventure on or whatever, and professor oak started explaining the Pokémon world to me. I’m really in no mood to lose 25 hours, so can I get my progress back?


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If you're seeing the Professor Oak sequence, unfortunately, your save file is gone. There is no way to get your file back. Usually in the situation you said happened, the game just reverts back to your save before your last save. So, not one, but two saves ago, because the most recent one is corrupted.

What happened to you cannot happen to games past Generation 7.

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do you have a source?
Do you have a legit copy or a ROM, cause I have different sources for either.
nice. i thought i had gone one single day without something stupid happening. this is just wonderful.
I am sorry, I know it sucks