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It's been YEARS since I've played Pokemon. The last one was yellow I think. BUT, I've wanted to get back into it. So I wanted to know if the new ones, such as Platinum, and eventually Black/White, include all of the original Pokemon. If not, I'll be sad, but I'll deal with it. Can someone enlighten me? :)

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Yes, it's possible to get all the older pokemon. Platinum has a mix of new generation and old generation pokemon in the first part of the game.

After you beat the Elite 4 you get the "National Pokedex" and can catch even more older pokemon. However, for many of them you will need older games like Ruby or Sapphire to migrate them.

Black and White only has the new pokemon at the start but like the others you can catch older pokemon later.

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Oh yeah, of course they do. B and W needs them to be migrated as far I know (for most 4gen and under pokemon) but Kanto pokemon are extremely common in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Emerald too, as well as heartgold and soulsilver (personal reccomendation- Emerald and heartgold, both FANTASTIC games)

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Platinum is awesome too
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Yes they include most of the original pokemon particularly geodude, eevee(who know has four more evolutions), pikachu, gastly, cleffa, rhyhorn(who got a third form rhyperior), abra, and zubat(who know has a third form crobat)

Note I am taking about platinum I do not have b/w but I know that these pokemon have been in every other game so I assume they will be in this one.

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Yeah, Platinum is a good game to get a lot of old and new pokemon. However Pokemon Black and White is filled with brand new pokemon, but not a whole lot of past generation pokemon. So I suggest Pokemon Platinum.

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