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Just like in HG/SS/D/P/Platinum there is some sort of Battle Frontier or in Black and White, the Battle Subway. Well, I was just wondering if like in the Battle Frontier they have Frontier Brains do they have something similar in Pokemon B/W?


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They do, in fact.
They're called Subway bosses.

Single/Super Single: Ingo
Double/Super Double: Emmet
Multi/Super Multi: Ingo and Emmet.

You battle:
Ingo (Single) 21 win streak
Emmet (Double) 21 win streak
Ingo and Emmet (Multi) 21 win streak
Ingo (Super Single) 49 win streak
Emmet (Super Double) 49 win streak
Ingo and Emmet (Super Multi) 49 win streak
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