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So what I mean by technically gets you more points is, which play style (Single, Double, Multi) finishes its battles quicker?
The Battle Points distribution pattern is the same for all three, so it all depends on how fast you're able to clear the challengers in each car.
Basically I am asking which mode will save you the most time.


  • Single: 3 Pokemon in total, one vs. one at a time; allows you to set up buffs for yourself if the lead Pokemon won't be able to do anything to you, allowing you to sweep the other two Pokemon easily. Problems include meeting your doom once a Pokemon comes in where you won't be able to solo with, with any one of your three Pokemon.
  • Double: 4 Pokemon in total, two vs. two each turn, one switches in after one is defeated at the end of the turn; you can potentially KO two Pokemon at a time if your Pokemon is strong enough to OHKO both Pokemon, ending in just two turns. However, you can easily make a small mistake and have one Pokemon left going on one vs. two, and double battles tend to be more difficult in some situations, such as both opponent Pokemon ganging up on one of your Pokemon.
  • Multi: 4 Pokemon in total*, two vs. two each turn, two Pokemon per opponent; you can take out both Pokemon of one trainer, so that you will gain the advantage of ganging up on the opponent two vs. one for no trouble at all. Issues might be Hilbert being a complete ass and using Earthquake, KOing your own Pokemon with a critical hit, or other silly moves that won't do anything to help you fight and spam Wide Guard (Throh).

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In my experience, I find that the Single train gets the most points for me. Only 3 Pokemon to take out, while the other takes 4. A sweeper is usually all you need to win.

True but technically:
- Single: four-five turns if sweep
- Double: potentially two turns if both Pokemon use strong attacks that hit both opponent's Pokemon.
- Multi: just easier (kind of)

And I find Single easier/faster sometimes too, sometimes.
I'll wait and see if anyone else has a response, but thanks for your input Mew!
Sam that is true but it's hard to KO Pokemon with multi-target moves. Very few are both powerful and accuracte. Also if you are against a Dragon and a Fire Pokemon, using Blizzard might KO one but not the other.
I guess so, but my point was that you could also end it in two turns; such as one Pokemon with a strong move (Scarfchomp using Outrage or something) and KO one Pokemon, while your second Pokemon does the same.