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Okay, if I'm not mistaken If your Pokemon is above level 50, Its Stats Attack,Speed,Special Attack etc. will be lowered to fit in battle subway because all of Pokemon there are level 50 right? My question is if they are lowered, how about if your Pokemon is below level 50? When you enter it on Battle Subway it will become level 50, i wanna ask if its stats will go high to fit for lvl 50 and I also wanna know if EVs i gained for training are applied at Battle Subway, For example i have a Munna i EV trained it completely but its not level 50 yet and ill use it for battle subway. Thanks to all who will reply, sorry if the question is long.

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Sorry Guys i mean STATS on battle subway, i dont know how to edit the title >.<
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All Pokémon are set to level 50 on the Battle Subway, unlike previous Generations this also includes Pokémon below level 50.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Battle Subway and personal experience.
So all Pokemon, below **AND above Level 50, will be set to 50.

All stats are cut down to what they were at Level 50 (or raised if below Level 50)

All Evs gained will not be lost or ignored due to level.

If you fully EV trained a Pokemon and it is at Level 20, it will keep the EVs and its Battle Subway Stats will show them.

Also, the stats you see in the Battle Subway will be the stats your Pokemon's stats at Level 50.

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Sorry but i guess you got my question wrong what i wanna ask is about the attack speed etc do they get higher to fit for lvl 50 when a pokemon below lvl 50join battle subway, because if im not mistaken if the pokemon is above 50 they are also lowered or else it will be easy win on battle subway, and im asking if the EVs i got from training are applied there.
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