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In the Battle Frontier in earlier games, some of the challenges got more points. I tried a few ones on the Battle Subway and they were all 3 BP.

Is there a way to get more BP? And which of the challenges is generally the quickest to complete?


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I have a simple technique I use for the battle subway.

Two supers
Two regulars

I do this with single, because pretty much everything is 16 or 32, and the regulars are easier to complete, so you get 6 and 10.

If you need an item that is 16, it would take you 4 super singles, even if you didn't use this system.

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The normal single has the weakeset pokemon, although only 3bp for each 7 win streak , and 5 bp for the last.I would recommend the super single, but they have much more powerful pokemon and you need to start using strategies(5bp each). Hope this helps!^^