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Had to ask.

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Are you asking if its possible to have an Arceus like that that originates from B2W2, or just asking if its possible to have that type of Arceus in those games?
I mean an Arceus from B2W2
no point flagging it because it a serious question considering BW got the event.
I’m not questioning the “seriousness“ of your post, I’m flagging it because it might cross into the territory of the post I linked.
EDIT: I originally closed this, but it's a tricky one. Might have to discuss this with the others, since it opens up an interesting problem if we're going to keep moderating with these 'catch-all' threads.
Leaving this open for now. Thanks for the flag.

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Nope. The only Arceus event that occurred during Gen V ended a couple months before B2W2 even released, so it is unfortunately impossible.


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