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Dream World was a Gen 5 online Pokemon game that was shut down in early 2014.

I am wondering if its possible to recreate Pokémon Dream World, or if anyone is trying to recreate it. I never played it when it was on Global Link, but it looks really fun, so I would really like to play it.

For context, many other online services that Nintendo has ended, such as online connectivity for the Wii and DS consoles, remain accessible today thanks to custom servers.

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Oh, I didn't know that. But if it is possible, when will someone start remaking Dream World?
Only time can tell.
so theres just no answer to this question until it happens? or is the answer no, until yes
I think there is no answer until it happens...
I edited the question to hopefully circumvent the issue melcakes brings up. 'Is it possible to recreate Dream World?' is a weird question to ask because any software that was made once could possibly be made again. We can't tell you if or when someone will re-create the service because we can't tell the future.

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The actual Pokémon dream world? No, you cannot access that. However, an unofficial version is entirely possible to access

Where can I find the unofficial version?