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In the mangas, mewtwo was the creation of different people for different mangas.
If I recall correctly, Blaine, Bill and Mr Fuji all created mewtwo at some point.
In the cartoon, Giovanni, the Rocket mastermind, created him with the help of a desperate scientist Fuji, who was struggling after the death of his daughter.

But in the original games, nothing was stated in the regard of mewtwo being created.

We know, thanks to the diaries that are found in the Poké Mansion, that Mew gave birth to a baby that will later be called mewtwo, or so it is written in the notes left behind by one scientist, which we will figure out to be Mr. Fuji in the Faraway Island in Emerald.

But this contradicts all the pokédex entries that are found in the games, whom basically state that Mewtwo was a creation of a modified DNA sample of Mew.

And how does all this relate to Giovanni in game?
We know that he was trying to do something that, if we tie all the pieces together, had something to do with Mewtwo and once we screwed his plans over he (theorically, it's up to interpretations) commits suicide by drowning, so it had to be something relevant.

Think about it, we stop him at Silph Co. when he was trying to retrieve the Shilph Scope, which would allow him to capture ghosts, a psychic pokémon weakness, and later we stop him again when he was trying to steal the masterball, a guaranteed way to capture an extraordinary powerful 'mon.

It's speculation, yes, but it makes weirdly way too much sense.

So, to sum this wall of text up:
How was Mewtwo created in the games?
How are Giovanni an d Mr. Fuji related to this, if they are?

What do you guys think?

Here are some links so you too can make your own ideas and help me form an answer


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>In the video games, the player can fight and capture Mewtwo to pit it against other Pokémon. The player first learns of Mewtwo late in Pokémon Red and Blue by reading research documents left in a ruined laboratory on Cinnabar Island. The documents reveal that a solitary scientist spent years genetically engineering a descendant of the Pokémon Mew. Mewtwo eventually escaped after proving too strong to contain. ~ Pokémon Red

According to this analysis of Pokémon Red Version, Mewtwo was created by "a solitary scientist." We can assume that this individual is Mr. Fuji. Team Rocket took over his laboratory and turned his attempt to clone Mew towards darker ends. Mewtwo was a success, however it escaped and – in the video games – makes its abode in various caves around the world, usually with his back turned so that when the player challenges him he has the advantage of a dramatic turn-round (See Pokémon XY).

Joking aside, here's an answer to another problem: the letter on Cinnabar Island says that Mewtwo was "birthed" from Mew. This does not necessarily mean birth in the literal context; instead, the more likely meaning is "birth" as in "creation". So instead of "Mew gave birth to Mewtwo,", the literal context would be more like "Mewtwo was created from Mew."

Now we have to tie all of the loose ends together. So here is what we know:

1- Mr. Fuji begins his attempts to clone the mythical Pokémon Mew.
2- Giovanni and Team Rocket seize his lab and use his experiments for their own purposes.
3- Project Mewtwo is a success, but Team Rocket's creation is beyond their control, escapes, and goes into hiding.
4- Mewtwo is encountered and captured by the player.

But wait! What's that? A plothole? By Jove, it is! Let's see what our good ol' Steven from ORAS has to say.

Steven says that you (the character) remind him of a trainer with a black Charizard who fought alongside him once. At first it seems random, but upon further research it turns out to be a reference to Alan, the main character of the Pokémon Mega Evolution specials, and his Mega Charizard X.

enter image description here

What's this? Steven Stone? And a Shiny Metagross? What is this? Well, the aforementioned quote states that ORAS Steven and Alan battled together. But this is the anime. Pokémon Mega Evolution take place in the same universe as the mainstream anime (with Ash). So if the Mewtwo that Ash fought in Pokémon: The Movie, and then re-encountered in Genesect and the Legend Awakened, is in the same universe as Mega Evolution, which is tied into the video game universe... then you can capture the Mewtwo that Ash fought in the first movie.

Also, the Shiny Beldum you get via event in ORAS has its OT set as Steven.

Food for thought.

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*cue rainbow* THE MORE YOU KNOW...
food for thought... original.
Mewtwo in mewtwo strikes back and mewtwo in the genesect movie have different voices so I think it is another mewtwo. I think you catch the genesect movie mewtwo in xy.
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But Astro, we can go deeper.
If we stand to what you said, it would mean that the reality of the games is the same one of the short series Pokémon Mega Evolution and, for association, Pokémon Origin because in both Mega Evolutions are present.

Let's pretend this is a fact.

So we are at a point in which the Mewtwo from the first movie and the Mewtwo in the game are the same Mewtwo, correct?

But this is a paradox Astro.
And a paradox that would cause us to speak of different universes.

Let me explain: if we take as canon what you provided, it would mean that the sentient mewtwo from the movie and the untamed, beastly one from the Origin one are indeed the same pokémon.
This is obviously not the case, even if they do share the same backstory.
Although we could argue that, as evidenced by MatPat's video, they came from different universes, this would also not make sense.
This is due to the fact that a mewtwo already exists in the universe where the great war that happened 3000 year in the past, the one that made mega evolution a possibility, took place.

That mewtwo is the mewtwo we find in the 2013's pokémon movie, Genesect Legend Awakened, and it has a peculiarity which was left behind, but it's there to be picked up for those who know the story.

Remeber how Doc Fuji's daughter died and pushed him in getting involved in the creation of mewtwo?
You could argue that, as hinted in the movie, Fuji was trying to clone mew and different pokémons for the possibility to bring back at least a clone of his daughter.
In the universe where the Genesect movie takes place, which is the same universe where Mega evolutions, your point of Steven and the other trainer, and some games from the franchise happened, Doc Fuji managed to, somehow, revive his daughter thru Mewtwo, or more precisely AS Mewtwo, as implied by its gentler personality, its intelligence and most importantly,
its female voice.
Coincidence? I think not.

So where does this leave us?
I thought about this and came up with this explanation:
Take two different universes. One where the war happened and thus Mega Evolution is a possibility (A) and one where it didn't, so no Mega Evolution (B).

In Universe B, the one where the games don't allow Mega Evolution, Doctor Fuji's daughter wasn't brought back to life, and thus the created mewtwo didn't have a intellect and became the one we find in the older generations, a beast that roams the cave of Cerulean City. This is the universe where Giovanni would try to appropiate of Mewtwo's raw, untapped power by force so to help himself and his organization in the plan to overtake Kanto.

In Universe A, the one where Mega Evolution is a reality, Doctor Fuji's daughter was brought back to life, so the resulting Mewtwo was just a body, a shell that contained the girl's anima.
This is why in the movie Mewtwo can think rationaly and was able to initiate a partnership with Giovanni, whom this time uses a more pacific approach, and is constantly questioning itself about who or what it/she was.

This would also explain how we can find a Mewtwo in Y/X and the Genesect movie that can Mega Evolve, while in the older generations we find one that can't:
thanks to the Ultimate Weapon created by that man 3000 years ago, that uses the power of dead pokémon to revive, or with a Mega Stone aplify the power of, a pokémon.
This same technology could have helped Doc Fuji revive his daughter, thus creating Mewtwo.

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This actually mankes a lot of sense, Torym. Thanks for your insight. If this helps back up your argument, it is confirmed (or at least implied) in-game that ORAS and R/S/E are in different universes. This is quite the theory we have concoted.