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In S1E13 the door of the Lighthouse has Mewtwo on it But Mewtwo was still not Created how is this Possible?

(In the Anime)

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It was foreshawdowing, just like how Zoroark was introduced before the 5th gen came out.

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I know this question is old but your answer doesn't really relate to the question. They've always hinted at later gen Pokemon in the show. But all the others exist. The question was asking, "how is Mewtwo depicted on the door, if it doesn't exist yet in the Pokemon world?" The designer of the door canonically shouldn't have had knowledge of the non-existant Pokemon to be able to put it on the door
Whilst I agree, it's still likely just because the studio wanted to foreshadow at the expense of logic or continuity. They've made plenty of mistakes in animation and design so it's not unreasonable to assume they just forgot and created a plot hole