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So we all know in the first movie there was a mewtwo
Now in this movie(the genesect one), they're treating mewtwo like it's all new or something. Even the Pokemon center couldn't find any records of mewtwo. Why is it like this

Didn't Mewtwo erase their memories of him at the end of the first movie?
I was under the impression he regained them in Mewtwo Returns or whatever it's called?
I never watched any of the movies after the 3rd except the one with Lucario, so I don't know exactly what happened in Mewtwo Returns. :P
I think the creators completely ruined mewtwo. Not only was it voiced by a woman but the backstory was different and mewtwo was a total pushover! If i remember corectly mewtwo pretty much got beat up by a bunch of evelutions+it was a mega mewtwo so that makes it even worse that it got beat up so easy. I remember a time when: charizard+gyarados+venasare ect couldn't beat mewtwo but now i bet i could beat him or her whatever it is with my bear hands
mega mewtwo is a fragile fairy, that's why it got beat up and it's a different mewtwo than the boy one

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Ok, 1, ash got his memory erased in the mewtwo's debut, 2, he met mewtwo again in mewtwo returns and mewtwo left his memory alone and fled. Now unless the creators of the genesect movie forgot about mewtwo returns or didn't care because I mean mewtwo had a guy voice now it has a female voice

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It has a female voice?? Wth
yeah it does...
Well, none of the movies are considered canon, so each seperate movie could very well be a different story in which other events didn't happen at all.
Why is that?
So the reason why mewtwo was different in this one is because there is only 2 mewtwo in the world right because in the first movie he was created by Team Rocket and in that movie he erased everyone memory until the movie mewtwo returns. In the genesect movie mewtwo was created by team Plasma. If you watch closely one of the scientist that created genesect was also the one in mewtwo flashbacks. I think why they had a female voice for this mewtwo is so that people dont get mixed up with the mewtwo that team rocket created.
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My theory is that Mewtwo is another clone but a female version, based on the fact that it has a female voice and in the flash back we saw a differnt science crew.
Ash might not remeber mewtwo becouse he ereased his memory but if you noticed that team rocket did recognized mewtwo, I don't remember if in the first movie Mewtwo ereased their memories either.
Also the new season of Pokemon they have the MEGA stage, and this mewtwo is X...

these are the facts that makes me believe that there is going to be a sequal movie where both of the mewtwo are going to meet and this mewtow will teach the original one to MEGA evolve and we will discover how the Mewtwo Mega-Evolution Y looks like.

thats my theory, sorry for bad english, its not my native language!

are you joke?! your English is great.