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I'm pretty sure Mewtwo was supposedly voiced by a BOY, making it look like one. However in the Genesect movie, Mewtwo was voice as a GIRL.

I get Mewtwo is genderless but it really confuses me.

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For starters, the two Mewtwos' are not the same entity.
Also, there's no clause which says "you must use the same voice actor for this character". They can do what they want (because they're 12).

Don't tell gender by the voice. Half the time male characters are voiced by female actresses, and sometimes the other way around.
In the game Mewtwo has no gender. However, it would make sense if Mewtwo had  genders. It would make sense that the female Mewtwo  mega evolves into Mewtwo Y, and the male Mewtwo mega evolves into Mewtwo X. Legendary pokemon have no gender in the game so they can't have offspring(because having a whole team of Arceus or Mewtwo would be OP).

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The original Mewtwo, created by team rocket (First Movie & Mewtwo Returns), was a male.
This is the moody Mewtwo you know best.

enter image description here

The second Mewtwo appears in Genesect and the Legend Awakened and is female.

There is no real evidence for exactly who created this Mewtwo, but it may have been another team following Giovanni's original plans. It could also have to do with the "multiple parallel universes" mentioned to exist in ORAS.

enter image description here
If this were to be the case, this Mewtwo would have been created at abut the same time in about the same circumstances, but was born a female and may have never met Ash.

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Sorry for the large image sizes, but I wanted the movie posters for reference.
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Mewtwo in the new movie is not the same as the old movies. It was created by different people, likely team Plasma, but we are unsure. The new mewtwo, who I will refer to as newtwo is presumed female, and mewtwo as a male.

A couple things to note, they use telepathy to talk so their voice may not mach their gender but it is likely that they use a feminine or masculine voice to avoid confusion. A common misconception is that mewtwo is genderless and there can only be one. Mewtwo was cloned, and therefore can be cloned again. Even if the original lab blew up, there still exists the technology to do it again. Also, mewtwo is in the undiscovered egg group. This does not mean they are genderless, but rather the Pokemon scientists are unsure as to how they breed. This is shown in the games where we see Solgaleo and Lunala create another cosmog, as seen here. https://youtu.be/6x4wJNI51FU?t=140 And in the anime a baby lugia is seen as well.
So, to answer the question, it is a different mewtwo, and newtwo is most likely female, or the female kind of however it is they reproduce.

In the games, they're genderless as well as undiscovered. Not every Pokemon has gender.
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Mewtwo doesn't speak. I'm going to "say" that again. Mewtwo never speaks. It uses psychic powers to communicate telepathically. There is no reason to assume that it would have to keep using the same "voice" when it isn't using a voice to begin with. Ok so that is an in-game/in-movie canon type answer.

The other answer is a bit more cynical, Mewtwo isn't the big bad villain so they don't want a villain style voice. They also want to appeal to a fanbase that more than ever has a lot of women and girls.

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'Gender' and 'sex' are interchangeable terms, so they do mean the same thing, at least in common use.
Not true at all actually. One refers to social identity, the other refers to biology/physiology. They are different words for a reason. If you are using them interchangeably then you are using them incorrectly.
Edited the gender and sex thing out to avoid pointless debates.