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Someone was talking about in chat but I dont remember it :3 Something about a Zodiac [ty Adam :3 ]

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Is this even allowed here?
I dunno
idk :3 i hope so
I'll leave this to Brotad :3
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I think the 12 gen theory is based off of the Chinese zodiac. It is based off the fact that every fire type starter is based off of an animal in the zodiac. They are the dog, Fennekin, the pig, Emboar, the monkey, Infernape, the rooster, Combusken, and the dragon, Charizard. Cyndaquil cuts it close on that rat though.

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Which would mean we also will get a fire tiger, snake, cow,  horse, rabbit and goat.
That, sir, is really cool.

That'll happen so long as it continues, correct?
Should the trend continue yes. Then we would have a way to find "our" fire type starter since the zodiac rotates every year. That means, should they make it, my starter would be the tiger.
:D 12 gens :D Thanks :>
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