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Okay, so... the next Eeveelution will be Dragon.

Let me explain my reasoning.

Aside from Fairy, all the Eeveelutions have fallen into categories that used to be classified as Special Attacks.

It is safe to say that Fairy would have been a Special Attack.

Looking at the chart, you have the following from the games that maintained the Attack Type determined by Move Type.

- Normal
- Fighting
- Flying
- Ground
- Rock
- Bug
- Ghost
- Poison
- Steel

- Water
- Grass
- Fire
- Ice
- Electric
- Psychic
- Dragon
- Dark

So I am calling it. Eevee will be Drakeon or some similar name.

This is the closest a Pokemon game has gone to launch without releasing a new Eeveelution, so Dragon is fitting as the final one.

Does anyone see a flaw in this logic?

I swear to god I was thinking the same thing the whole time I was playing Pokemon Crystal. I just cant imagine a dragon type eeveelution though, like all the other dragon types are some huge intimidating character. How do you make eevee intimidating lol. Especially with the imbalance of how OP fairies are, it makes sense they would buff dragon types to compensate.
I mean... Dark was intimidating. But on the other side, not all dragons are intimidating. Ugh, Goodra. Druddigon.
Idk. I still can't see a design for it. Its a cool idea though.

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While this is certainly possible, it has already been "confirmed" that Eevee will not get a new evolution in Sun and Moon. We got a peek at Eevee's RotomDex page, that showed silhouettes for all the existing Eeveeloutions, but no new one.

Good observation!
Link please? I doubt Nintendo would neglect such a bankable Pokemon.
I witnessed it in a video-in-a-video situation.  I was on YT a while back, and it was a reaction video to some release in Japan.  I'm not sure if it qualifies as a new outlet or not, but it was Masuda being interviewed (or "interviewed", the content seemed kind of dumbed down...).  Eevee was captured, and we saw it's Rotom-Dex page briefly.  The YTer paused the video, and counted the silhouettes.  There were only 8, for the 8 Eeveelutions we already have.  No new one.
maybe the game footage is not finalized, so probably there could be a new Eeveelution and they don't to show before they announce it or release the game
If the gameplay footage is finalized, that does not allow for an Eeveelotion.  If they were purposefully concealing an Eeveelution, it would not be finalized gameplay footage.  That said, I don't know if the "interview" footage was finalized or not, as it was in Japanese in some other video.
opps sorry , i dint put not in the comment before finalized,i have corrected
So, I was curious and checked, and that footage hasn't been finalized. However, if they were planning another, I personally think they'd wanna tease it, but who knows? As a side note, eeveelutions usually get added to in even games. (umb and esp in gen 2, leaf and glace in gen 4, sylv in gen 6...) And since this'll be gen 7, I think they'll save it for next generation.
Oh yah. It is every other. Such a bummer.  But we can hope.  But wait. .. gen 1 got 3, so it's only a loose pattern