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I heard its a move tutor but it doesn't show it learning it on the page.


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Chansey learns it by a move tutor in Fire Red and Leaf Green.

This link should give you a better perception of where in the game it is.

" Situated at the back entrance to the Pewter Museum, this scientist will teach ONE of your Pokémon Seismic Toss " - Serebii

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1st. Get a boy Mankey/Primeape.
2nd. Teach it Seismic Toss.
3rd.Get a girl Mawile.
4th. Breed both and hatch the egg for Mawile(aim for a boy Mawile).
5th.Get your Chansey(100%girl) breed it with Mawile and hatch your egg.
6th Tada your Chansey has Seismic Toss.