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From what I have seen, Seismic Toss doesn't seem to have been used much. All I can think of is Chansey/Blissey, and Mega Kangaskhan. Are there any more serious uses for this move besides these two?

This applies for any of OU or BSS starting in gen 6

I'm almost certain that Chansey and Blissey (and not Kangaskhan) are the only good seismic toss users in any of those formats.
Mega kangaskhan can deal 200 damage with seismic toss from parental bond
Mega Kangaskhan is banned in all OU formats in every generation. In BSS, it deals 100 damage because BSS is a level 50 format. Double-edge usually does more than 100 damage, so seismic toss isn't useful on Kangaskhan.

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Other then Mega Kang and the pink blobs, Seismic Toss sees use on Registeel, in conjunction with Toxic and Stealth Rock, to speed up the enemy's death. However, this is in RU.

Registeel's gen 7 RU analysis, because the gen 8 UU analyses haven't been made yet

Mega Sableye's viable attacks are knock off and maybe foul play. It doesn't use night shade or seismic toss.
Foul Play also.