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How do I know which to use? (in singles, where Chansey is banned)

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Seismic Toss will probably generally do more damage.

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I would personally go with Seismic Toss like JarJar~ stated, it will do more damage. Hyper Voice can be bodied by special walls whereas Seismic Toss does a fixed amount of damage depending on your level.

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Can you explain why Mandibuzz has weaker attack stats than Blissey, yet it still uses attacks that deal damage based on the formula?
Mandi uses Knock Off, which is for Item support. Blissey's attacks offer no support for how little damage they do without investment (and you can't invest in Special Attack because you need to maximise bulk).
Mandibuzz is sometimes good with brave bird. Why isn't Blissey good with any of those moves?
Normal type doesn't hit anything super effectively. Brave Bird actually has targets.
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