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My friend gave me some mystery eggs, And one, a chansey with Seismic Toss came out! I checked its page on serebii, and it doesn't get Seismic Toss by level up or by egg move.

Can someone please explain??


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It's legitimate; Seismic Toss can be chain bred onto Chansey in Sun and Moon. I assume you must have glanced over the listing for Seismic Toss on Chanseys Serebii page, as I checked it as well as both the Serebii and Bulbapedia pages for Seismic Toss, and it was listed.

Hope I could help!

It's not listed as an Egg Move for Chansey in Gen 7 here. Then again, this place still says that Endure is an ORAS Move Tutor Move on many Pokemon pages, so...
It's at the very bottom of the egg move listing for Chansey, so it's tucked away a little better than the others
Well the last Egg Move listed here for me is Present, sooo...
Hmm. Something's not right, then.
The site's filled with a lot of little errors like that. Like I said, half the ORAS Move Tutor lists show Endure as one of them, despite the fact it clearly is not.