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If I have a male from the dream world. Can I breed its unique move, that it does not learn in traditional game play, onto the child of the same Pokemon even if the move is not shown on the Pokemon's Egg move chart? If so, could I also do this by Egg breeding from a different Male parent from the same egg group?
Example: I have a Female Rhyhorn with Reckless and would like a heavy hitting recoil attack, but the only heavy hitting recoil attack Rhyhorn or any of its evolutions learns is through finding a male pokemon on dream world. Would I be able to breed the dream world move onto the child so that it will also have the desired Ability, Nature, and IV? If I can am able to cheat by using smeargle? or, would i have to settle with Take Down?

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No, they're "Unique moves" can't be breeded if they aren't on the egg move chart. And besides, you can't breed a male with a male :P

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