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Is it possible to use your Pokemons dream world ability in a wi-fi battle?

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well I was doing a wi-fi battle the other day and I encountered a sap sipper azumarill also shiny witch made me think its hacked or something

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it is possible - look at how common Drought Ninetales is competitively. The Azumarill could have been hacked, it is impossible to know, but it is still possible.

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As far as I know, DW Pokémon can't be shiny unless you breed them.
Who said it wasn't bred?
Never said it wasn't.
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Yes, Pokemon with hidden abilities can be used in wifi battles. Azumarill has the hidden ability Sap Sipper, which can be caught in-game at the floccesy ranch hidden grotto as a marill. It is shiny either because of catching it shiny(which I doubt because of the very small chance of finding a shiny Pokemon combined with the chance of finding a marill in the grotto), breeding, or of course, hacking. There is always a chance of it being hacked, but the ability is totally legit. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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