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Think of this:
Lopunny used Thunder Punch!
Cofagrigus' Mummy!
Lopunny's ability became Mummy!

Would Lopunny get her Cute Charm back when the battle ends, or is it too late?

EDIT: People kept telling me that Loppuny's Dizzy Punch Wouldn't affect him, so I Changed it to Thunder Punch!

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I just want to point out that Loppunny's Dizzy Punch won't affect Cofagrigus, so it won't get Mummy in this example.
Just saying; other than items, visible statuses and health there is practically nothing that changes after a battle (and ev's).
Also someone could have foresighted the cofagrigas or it could be holding ring target.
Oh...I Thought Dizzy Punch was Psychic... XD

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Mummy lasts until the battle ends or until you switch out, so Lopunny will get it's Cute Charm Ability back.

>When the user is hit by a contact move, the attacking Pokémon's Ability is turned into Mummy, overwriting the Pokémon's previous Ability. Besides spreading Mummy in battle, the Ability does not have any other effect. The affected Pokémon's Ability returns to normal when they are returned to their Poké Ball.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

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Also I'd just like to point out your scenario wouldn't work as Dizzy Punch is a Normal type move and Normal type moves don't effect Ghost, Confagrigus is a Ghost type.
And maybe Role Play/Entertrainment?