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I wanted to get a shiny Xerneas, but I know it is shiny locked. Does that mean you can't soft reset to get a shiny one? In addition can you soft reset to get a shiny starter? Also is there any way to increase your chance when soft reseting? Thanks!

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You can soft reset for Xerneas, but it won't ever be shiny unless you hack. You can still soft reset for IVs though.

You can soft reset for a shiny starter, but the chance of getting a shiny starter is 1/4096 for Gen VI. There's no way to increase the chances of getting a shiny starter without hacking/ tampering with the game while soft resetting. It's probably better and less time consuming to finish the game and then use the Masuda method to breed for a shiny that you want.

Source: experience, Bulbapedia - Shiny Pokemon

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Ok too bad, I'll just Masuda method it then :P
that`s a odd method.
Masuda for the starter, not Xerneas.