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I believe in SUMO/USUM on Hano Beach there are sand spots where when you walk into them you will encounter either a Staryu or Sandygast. If I save in front of a sand spot and repeatedly encounter it, can the Pokemon be shiny? I'm aware that the Pokemon that comes out isn't always the same, but I'm curious if it could be used as a shiny hunting method. The reason I ask this is because I heard that SOS hunting isn't that easy in USUM compared to SUMO due to lower call rates, so I thought I could use this in hopes of getting a shiny Starmie/Sandygast for my team.

Any reply would be helpful!

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I don't see why this wouldn't work, but it would take a long time.
It would probably be easier to breed using the Masuda Method and doing whatever you can to increase your chances of hatching a shiny. Soft resetting would probably be realllly slow going.
Breeding is even slower.

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It should work, but it is subject to the usual 1/4096 shiny chance. SOS chaining still might be faster.