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I was looking to get a shiny exeggutor, and I would rather SR than SOS chain, I was wondering if it was possible? or if it was pre-determined?
maybe this is a stupid question to ask, because I can't find a single result when searching for it

I don't see why not.
If I may ask, why would you rather SR? It takes longer because your odds never change.
Some people prefer old-school methods of hunting or they like finding shinys at full odds.

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I can't test this because I don't have a DS, but if you soft reset and the nature, stats, ability, etc are changing, then it isn't predetermined and you will be able to hunt it. If they aren't changing then it's predetermined and it will never shine, unless you are super lucky and got it on the first try.

EDIT: JBLZ successfully hunted the Exeggutor which confirms that it is possible.

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well I have tested it, and the stats do change, so I'm gonna start my hunt.
thanks for the info
Happy hunting! Good luck
thanks for all your info, I got it today after 793 soft resets
just wanted to put this out there to inform everyone that it is indeed possible
Hey! Sorry for responding so late, I just noticed this. Congrats on the shiny! I'm glad that I didn't send you on an endless hunt by accident. I'll edit it into the answer.