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I feel like this question relales to how fast the console is. Everyone will have a different answer since nobody has the exact same console
@MoonlitMadness, not really, it isn't like the consoles are so different from one another that one lags more than the other. As far as the question goes, I think it depends on what your SRing for. For example, it's faster to SR for the starters in ORAS than in USUM, but to SR for legends it's about the same amount of time in each game.

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Using an old3DS throughout for constant calibration, these were tests of how long it takes after entering the reset sequence, before it's possible to gain control of the character again:
Moon, or Ultra Sun: 15 seconds
X: 17 seconds
Omega Ruby: 22.5 seconds

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USUM because when you soft reset on ORAS there is a black screen you have to wait a little bit on, whether as USUM there isnt a black screen. Just use a rubber band around the L and R buttons to speed up the process even more.

Source: My experience

I do think there is a split second black screen though, but, I haven't shiny hunted in one day, so who knows.
Maaybe but nowhere near as long as oras
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It takes 21 seconds in ORAS and 14 seconds in USUM. Add in the time to check for a shiny (about 4-5 seconds) and you can get 180 encounters per hour in USUM, or 144 per hour in ORAS.

Source: I soft reset oras and usum and timed it.

Note: This might change depending on the system you are using. My 2ds xl takes 14 seconds to reset in usum, but my friend’s 3ds takes a lot longer.