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In Pokemon White 2 I defeated Kyurem twice; once as White Kyurem under Ghetsis and the other after I completed the game. Will I have to restart to get Kyurem?

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Yes, unfortunately.

Kyurem only appears twice. First time is scripted and then it appears again after you beat the league if you accidentally fainted it.

If you faint it again then you cannot obtain it anymore on that game, sorry.

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Like with all legendary and interactible Pokemon, if you get team wiped, run, or faint it, it will reappear at its location/go back to roaming the wild once you challenge and defete the league. (It doesn't matter whether it's the first time, or a subsequent challenge, this maniac always comes into play unless you've captured the Pokemon or the event has expired.) This is what happened for you to have the chance to capture Kyurem in the first place.

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