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I have beat the elite 4 twice in Pokemon white 2 and went to the giant chasm to catch Kyurem but he is not there.

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You need to catch N's Reshiram at Dragonspiral Tower first. To do so, head to Victory Road and maneuver until you see a Zoroark. The Zoroark will lead you to N'S Castle. Then, go with N to the top floor and battle his Reshiram. After defeating him, he will convert his Reshiram to a Light Stone and give it to you. Take it to Dragonspiral Tower and go to the top floor. Reshiram will then appear from the stone. Catch it. N will come by and say that Kyurem has returned.

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If you do have kyurem in Pokemon black or white trade it to black/white 2 then trade reshiram/zekrom from black/white 2 then merge them together with the DNA splicer that Drayden gives you when you beat him in a gym battle. then you should get white/black kyurem!!!

Good Luck!

P.S: use master ball if you have one or get down to red life then catch it with another type of pokeball.

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