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Okay, I just thought of a steel type and part steel team only and I did some research on the page. The team is only made of four since the rules say that no more than four are allowed. This is not related to Smogon, Showdown or any other Pokemon battles sites etc. This is a thing I'm doing with my siblings and relatives.

I've chosen Aegislash, Metagross and Bisharp.

The last piece of the puzzle might be Ferrothorn, Bastiodion or Empoleon. I hope that I get a good answer. If it isn't to much, but a move set would fit in nice as well. A moveset would be welcomed as well.

EDIT: Changes in the team are welcomed as well.

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Ferrothorn: would make your team completely useless against Fire-type Pokemon/Pokemon with fire moves.
Bastiodon: is just a bad Pokemon... (and is also weak to Fire)
You need something to cover for your Fire weakness, Empoleon is the way to go.

enter image description here

Empoleon @ Salac Berry
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
- Scald
- Flash Cannon
- Grass Knot
- Ice Beam

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Thank you! And lovely taste in anime. ;3 I'll wait for one more :D
Y don't u just go for heatran?
I don't like using legendaries, since in my opinion are just for show.
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I would say empoleon . It can cover much pretty much with defenses and can deal much damage.

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Empoleon because if Metagross and Aegislash are defeated and you're then against a fighting type Empoleon can learn Drill Peck and beat that fighting type so you don't have to risk losing Bisharp.