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I don't understand this move or what it does for a Pokemon.

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What it is and what it does.

Hidden power is a damage dealing move. Its type is determined by the users IVs.

The Pokemon using it will recieve a STAB boost if the IVs are correct and make it the same type.
Although the game data show Hidden power to be a normal move, a Normal type Hidden power does not exist and because of that Normal type Pokemon will never get a STAB boost(unless it has Normalize).

Same goes for Fairy type Pokemon since a Fairy type HP does not exist.

How the type is determined.

The Pokemon's IVs determine the type.

>The last binary digit for each stat sets the move's Type, and the second-to-last digit sets the move's Power.



Source: bulbapedia page for IVs and Hidden power
Hope I helped.

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