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Since you can only have 30 ivs in speed with hp fire, would that mean that a Pokémon that would normally speed tie with the hp fire wielder would out speed it? I'm curious to know how that would work.


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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.

It's really circumstantial. Whoever moves first is decided by their Speed stat, which is partially decided by their Speed IVs, but a Pokemon can still outspeed one with higher Speed IVs than it, if the circumstances are right(higher base Speed, more EVs, etc).

30 Speed IVs and 31 Speed IVs give the same boost to the stat, I believe. so it would still be a speed tie against a Pokemon with that is otherwise identical, but 31 Speed IVs.

Oh. I thought the one point difference mattered in determining who goes first
Nope! :)
Well it only matters when both are lvl100 where each IV point counts