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This is for M-Venusaur.

Venasaur learns no other Fire-type move.
i just want a filler move in case i can't get hp fire
I suggest using Earthquake and if you have that just slap on Sleep powder. If  you have both, uhhh...

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In case you can't get Hidden Power [Fire], and I don't know your current moveset, I'm going to list Mega Venusaurs most common moves (-HP Fire of course :P):

Giga Drain: STAB, passive recovery.
Leech Seed: Passive damage and recovery.
Sludge Bomb: STAB.
Synthesis: Reliable recovery.
Sleep Powder: Renders 1 opposing Pokemon inactive for 1-3 turns.
Earthquake: Surprise, Heatran!

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Unfortunately, no move is a true replacement for HP Fire as Mega Venusuar cannot learn any other Fire moves. Also, use a Speed lowering Nature if you decide to use Earthquake.
I guess I'll go with sleep powder
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There are no good replacements for it since he learns no fire moves but if you want good coverage you will need hidden power rock not fire