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I was looking up a good move-set for a Glaceon I was making, and a popular suggestion was Hidden Power Ground. I looked up how to get it, and it seemed to complicated for me since I don't know how the IV's work, and I just don't know how to breed like that. It was to confusing for me and to advanced. So I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a replacement for it? ( Note that I can do egg moves, so if its an egg move go ahead and post it please. )

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Hidden power only has a base power of 60. Another solution is to find another ground type move with 60 or higher. The only other move glaceon can learn that's a ground-attack move is dig. Glaceon is a hard ice type to learn ground type moves.
If you want, you could switch to a different Pokemon like glalie, which he can learn earthquake and bulldoze. He also has hidden power too. So, check it out.

Hope this answered your question! :)

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