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I've been EV training my Gardevoir in Special Attack and Speed.
I was too lazy to count the EVs so I just did it until I saw the stats stopped increasing by high amounts (assuming it's now 255/255).
I got the effort ribbon from a lady in slateport so I know I've gotten 510 evs but the stats don't reflect that.
The Gardevoir's Timid nature means high Speed and low Attack, but even though I EV trained the Speed stat, it is not standing out.

Lvl 59
Hp 161
Attack 92
Defence 88
Sp Attack 206
Sp defence 148
Speed 149

I've used berries to lower all the other stats but Speed fails to stick out even considering it's Nature and EV training.
Does anyone know why? Thanks in advance.

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Gardevoir doesn't have stellar speed, sitting at an average 80 Base Speed. This also explains why the other stats are close if not higher, because Gardevoir packs an amazing 125 SAtk and 115 SDef stats. This is most likely the explanation, so maybe you expected more out of Gardevoir?

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Ah I didn't realize gardevoir  had such a low base speed that's probably why,. Thanks for the help!