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With all things, for example -
Pokémon is holding the Lucky Egg 1.5
Pokémon is from a different game
Pokémon is from a different language game 1.7
Exp. Point Power ↓↓↓
Exp. Point Power ↓↓ 0.66
Exp. Point Power ↓
Exp. Point Power ↑ 1.2
Exp. Point Power ↑↑
Exp. Point Power ↑↑↑ 2
Exp. Point Power S
Exp. Point Power MAX *2

A Pokemon at Level 1 (with a maximum of 600,000 exp. at level 100) fighting against a high level Audino or Blissey.

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The highest possible number of experience points that can be gained in a Single Battle is 457,970. This can be done by defeating a level 100 Blissey in a Trainer battle in Generation V, using an internationally traded Pokémon at level 1 that is holding a Lucky Egg, with Exp. Point Power ↑↑↑, S or MAX active. This means that given these conditions, a Pokémon could technically advance from level 1 all the way to level 87 in a Single Battle, provided that it was in the Erratic experience group.

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