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Btw, Audino's base exp yield is way higher than Blissey's (Blissey's is 255 and Audino's is 390).
Blissey's EXP Yield is 608 Terlor :P
DB is wrong then.

"Blissey has the highest base experience yield out of any Pokémon, with 608. Before Generation V, this figure was 255 and tied for first with Happiny, Chansey, and Arceus."

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As of what we know now, here's the answer:
The highest is Audino, at base 390,
And the lowest is Magikarp, at base 20.

Audino is found by going up and down Route 6 (they sometimes jump out from bushes). You can also battle it in Cafes and the Battle Chateau.
Magikarp is found by fishing at Parfum Palace, Route 3, or Route 22.


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Yeah, Blissey's base exp is higher than Audino's, at 608.
I think the question means both in 1 Pokemon, i.e. what's the Pokemon easiest to take out and gives the most exp. reward.

I think.
How do you find Blissey in XY?
^ You can't. You can only get Chansey in Friend Safari and evolve it yourself.