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List them for all generations from 1 to 6.

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Do you want them from each generation, or from all six generations?
For all the games (i don't know if this is right, but example):

Red/Blue/Green: Alakazam, 350 exp yield
G/S/C: Donphan, 371 exp yield

etc. etc.
So yeah, from all 6 generations.
Each generation from all 6 (if that makes sense)
.-. Blissey has the highest exp. yield with 608, and 255 before Gen V.
Though I can't find anything else. Yay. >.>

Guess I'm gonna grind chansey eggs for exp
**Gen I**:
Chansey/Dragonite (395/270)
I just felt I should post the two highest, since Blissey and Chansey are evolutions from different gens.

**Gen II**:
Blissey (608)

**Gen III**:
Salamence/Metagross (270)

**Gen IV**:
Garchomp (270)

**Gen V**:
Victini/Volcarona (270/248)
Is Victini a legendary? xD

That's what I've come up with so far.
I couldn't come up with a Gen VI one, plus most Pokemon had a different exp. yield prior Gen V, so do I have to add that as well? >.<

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Gen I:
Chansey (395)

Gen II:
Blissey (608)

Gen III:
Salamence/Metagross (270)

Gen IV:
Garchomp (270)

Gen V:
Audino (390)

Gen VI:
Unknown as of yet, but highest known is Goodra (270)

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Um are we allowed to answer our own questions while giving ourselves the best? XD
Giving yourself BA doesn't give you any points other than the two for selecting a BA, so I don't see a problem. Although I'm curious as to why Indi didn't answer it.
Oh ok :) Indi probably wasn't 100% certain.
I want self-esteem points, and Pokemaster encourages it (as Indy states somewhere, i think on his wall)
Gen V answer is wrong. The highest EXP yield for Gen V is Audino with 390.